Monday, April 21, 2014

A Whole Bunch of Easter Pictures

Wanna see what we did for Easter weekend this year?

You know you do.

Dim the lights and cue the seemingly endless slideshow of someone else's (totally adorable) children.

Good Friday-

In the spirit of Good Friday and remembering the sacrifice Jesus made for us all on the cross we decided to take a family trip to Six Flags.

I know you probably aren't getting the sacrificial element there but by the end of the day I was totally offering up my hunger (would you believe grilled fish is nowhere on the Six Flags menu) and sore feet.

It would seem the kids suffered too.  My husband had been planning the moment.  Their first trip to Six Flags.  The very first ride he would take them on.  The Aquaman.
 They would love it and he would finally have the ride buddies he has always wanted.
Things don't always go according to plan.

They not only did NOT love it, they complained about being wet for the entire next 20 minutes or so that it took the sun to dry them off.
Teacups were a bigger hit.  We took many a spin.  After that they quickly got over their fear of rides.  Except the Aquaman.  They refused to try it again.
Superheros were also a hit.

Capes were procured.
And the novelty quickly wore off.

 Unfortunately the kids did not meet the requirements for this ride.  (You have to be Batman.)
 At the end of the day, I was not the only one with sore feet.  The Princess needed some new shoes!
Holy Saturday-

Called for a repeat.  Back to Six Flags!

Keep your eyes on the road!!
He will be getting a lesson in driving safety before he gets his license.
Sitting in "time out" after another fit.  This time because she was too small to ride.

Easter Sunday

Started off with the smallest Easter baskets I could manage.

1 Easter Bunny, 2 chocolate sheep, 3 peeps, enough M&Ms to fill two eggs each, a snickers egg and a small Lego set.

Do you feel sorry for them?  Do they seem candy deprived?
After Mass they went on the egg hunt at church.  Just ignore the fact that the "Easter Basket" says Happy Halloween...

They wore their fancy Easter clothes.
The Peanut actually got his suit for Christmas and has been asking to wear it ever since.  It was a bit big on him so I have been holding out until Easter.  He was super excited about wearing a tie.

The Princess actually wore the same dress on Christmas but I Easter-fied it up a bit.  Yup.  Easter-fied is totally a word.  She never wears that dress because, hello, WHITE dress.  I just tied a scrap of ribbon around her waist and clipped on a hair flower.  Bam.  Easter-fied.

Then we went out to eat BBQ with the whole family, which is something we do every Easter, because I am too lazy to host Thanksgiving, Christmas AND Easter meals at my house.

Oh, and we brought changes of clothing.  Because BBQ+white dress=disaster.

Then everyone came back to the house where Grandma brought out a giant box filled with candy to hide for Easter hunt #2.
Candy hunting outfit complete with BBQ stains.

Then we just hung out and celebrated Easter and my Sister-in-Law's birthday because she decided to make it easy on us year and have her birthday fall on Easter so we could just have one party.

Still feel sorry for my candy deprived children?

That evening a candy filled Princess got a tummy ache and nearly threw all that candy back up.

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