Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Crush

As we left church on Sunday, my husband told my son to point her out to us if he saw her.

"Who?"  I asked.

"He met a little girl.  He thinks she's cute."

We made it to the car without catching sight of her.

My son, distraught, slumped into his car-seat.

"I really wanted you guys to meet her.  I want her to be my friend."

My husband cast me a sideways glance.

Clearly he was reading way too much into this whole thing.  I mean the Peanut is only 5.  Way too young to be thinking like that!  He has no older siblings and doesn't go to school so how would that idea even enter his head?

The fact is, ever since he found out that we're having a baby, he has pointed out every little baby and cute toddler.  He has asked, "Will our baby look like that?  Will our baby be that cute?"

He has become obsessed with all things baby.

So, when he said the little girl was cute, obviously he was talking about baby cute and not cute cute.


"I'm going to draw a picture of her so you guys will know what she looks like."

He drew this picture of her.
He's on the left and she's on the right.
So, like I said.  My 5 year old son officially has his first crush.

Well, I guess if he had to fall in love, church was a pretty good place to find a girl!

They grow up so fast!!!