Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wait . . . Mother's Day is When?!?!?

I mean.  Of course I remembered mom.  It's not like I haven't grown out of my putting off everything until the last minute and then not being prepared.  I am an adult now.  Independent and responsible.  Totally.

And when you get your mother's day gift from Theresa Michael us you will see how much Theresa Michael we totally appreciate all that you have sacrificed and given to raise us as the responsible adults who would never forget to look at a calender and realize three days before Mother's Day that they are not in any way prepared and thank goodness for their younger siblings who actually know how to plan stuff.

So like I said.  As a Mother's Day tribute to you I wrote you this poem.


Um, where did I put that poem?

I had it here just a second ago.  Really.  Right here.  The kids must have used it to color on or something.  It's a travesty!!!  It was such a good poem too.  The most beautiful thing I have ever written.  But you love your grandkids so you can't get mad.  Bummer.

Oooohh.  I just remembered something.  Michael really does have my gift for you.  It's now a Birthday/Christmas/Mother's Day gift.  For good measure why don't we just throw in next birthday too.  Tell dad that his Birthday/Christmas gift is also a Father's Day gift as well. :D

It's the least I could do . . .

Seriously though, mom.  Something I have come to realize in the last four and a half years is that being a mom is . . . well . . . hard.  You always made it look so easy!  You did it all.  You were a stay at home mom, a working mom, homeschooling mom, going to school mom, transporting your kids to and from 4H, boyscouts, girlscouts, homeschooling groups, youth group, school, work . . . the list goes on and on.  Even thinking about it all is exhausting.  I love you and you are the bestest mostest awesomest mommy in the wholest widest world.  See that's almost a poem.  Nowhere near as good as the other one but it will have to do.

In all honesty I figured I have already given you the two best gifts money can't buy.  Two adorable grandchildren.  How could I ever top that?  ;)

Moogie & Peanut
Moogie & Princess