Friday, January 28, 2011

& then he peed on the floor . . .

Sesame Street Abby Cadabby Soft Potty Seat, Pink Today I got a lot accomplished.  I did some more organizing in the kitchen.  Washed the dishes.  Worked on my blog.  Signed up for a Twitter account for my blog.  Wrote a new post for my blog . . . ok so I spent most of the day on the computer but the point is . . . I was feeling pretty good about my accomplishments.  I even washed two loads of laundry.  One regular load and one load of my daughters training pants.  Because along with everything else, I am trying to potty train my daughter.
Potty Time with Abby Cadabby It has been a day full of potty training.  Once about every five minutes (ok more like half an hour but it sure feels like every five minutes) I have to drop everything I am doing and run with the Princess to the potty because she announces "poopoo poddy poopoo poddy."  We get to the potty only to find out she has already peed in her pants.  I have spent the day giving her baths and cleaning up the leaks.  It has been a bit of a frustrating setback.  She started two weeks ago and on the very first day she was using the potty.  This is going to be easy I thought naively.  After the one and a half year potty training ordeal I went through teaching my son I had earned this break.  Since then she has only made it to the potty to pee one time.  Once.  Still she seemed to be doing very well with poo poo in the potty.  Made it every time until yesterday.  Yesterday and today it has become abundantly clear that she has no desire to even try.

Well at least I have one potty trained.  Or so I thought . . .

& then he peed on the floor . . .

but I am getting a bit ahead of myself.

First I got a call from my husband.  He was coming home from work an hour early.  Oops!  I hadn't even thought about starting dinner yet.  No problem.  I can just throw on some pasta.  As I pulled the box out of the freezer (I know I know but remember baby steps) my son came running in with no pants on.
"Mom I went to the potty but first I pee-peed in my pants and then I pee-peed on the floor and then I pee-peed on the stool and on the potty.  Do I have to take a bath and wash my hair?"


The biggest pee puddle ever.  All over the floor and the stool and the potty.  Right in the middle of it were his clothes.  So I got to do yet another load of laundry and give yet another bath.

I am so over potty training!!!!

After the mess was clean and dinner was done I started browsing around the internet reading various blogs and I came across this.

Todays subject . . . Potty training!


  1. I have a feeling it is going to be quite messy for us too! Thanks for linking up with us!!

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  2. LOL!!! Too funny! I remember when my oldest (now 7) was being potty trained and I thought we were all done. Then he comes running in to tell me that he has missed the toliet. No big deal I thought until I got there and realized that he had missed the potty by like 20 FEET and we had #2 down the hallway.

    Yes....all up and down the hallway. I thought those stains would NEVER go away!

    Good luck..I'm in the process of potty training the youngest now...sounds like you're doing better then I am!


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  3. Oh, I feel for you on those stains! We have wall to wall carpet throughout. When we first got our dog he found one of my sons diapers and ate it. The diaper was a nasty one the first time. It was so much worse after having been vomited back up onto the carpet!!

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