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Friday, November 11, 2011

Clipping Coupons

There's something you should probably know about me.  Whenever the latest greatest fad comes along and "everyone's doing it" I tend to dig in my heels and blatantly refuse to follow the trend out of principle.  This is why I refused to read the Harry Potter books or Twilight.  It's also why, when everyone started watching Extreme Couponing, I rolled my eyes and ignored it.

Something else you should probably know about me.  When for some reason I am forced to give these things a chance I tend to find out there is a reason why "everyone's doing it."  Like when my roommates started reading Harry Potter out loud to each other and I thought, Hmm, this book sounds kind of interesting.  Or when my husband popped the Twilight audio book into the CD player in the car during a road trip and I found myself hooked.

Also I usually find that instead of getting casually interested in something I have to get all out obsessed.   OBSESSED .

Recently by chance? fate? divine intervention? my husband and I were watching a show on the DVR.  When the show ended and flipped back to TV we both sat and vegged for a minute trying to get the strength to drag ourselves off to bed.  As we sat there we couldn't help but pay half attention to the show that was on.  Extreme Couponing.