Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wait . . . Easter is When?!?!?

Well, if you read my blog, you know by now that I am a bit of a procrastinator.  I am also colossally bad at plan making or really anything that requires any kind of an actual . . . you know . . . decision .  That very word makes me cringe.

This is the part where most of you are expecting me to start running around in a panic when I realize I am entirely unprepared for Easter.

Guess what?

I did prepare.

I KNOW!!!!

What is this world coming to?  You just can't rely on anyone anymore.  People just keep letting you down right?

Seriously.  I came up with a plan.  A PLAN!

See, this year I started doing that thing parents eventually do when they decide that society is going to ruin their kids and they have to fight the influences blah blah blah etc.

Easter Bunny Costume I decided that the Easter Bunny is ruining Easter.   Ok, I really didn't decide this now.  I have never been his biggest fan.  I know.  I'm awful.

Growing up we did Easter baskets and sometimes even egg hunts.  We dyed hard boiled eggs, that we were never going to eat, all sorts of pretty colors and added stickers and paint and all sorts of wonders.  Then we kept them until we couldn't stand the rotten egg smell anymore and our mother would dispose of them in secret because they were just way too pretty to throw away!!

Eventually some friends showed us the most magical wondrous trick.  Poke a hole in the top and bottom of the eggs when you use them and save them throughout the year.  Then you have hollow eggs to decorate and can actually keep them.  My mother still has a bowl of Easter eggs in her china cabinet.  Inside along with our eggs other is an egg that was given to us by those friends.

Anyway we did baskets and eggs but never the Bunny.  I don't know, I just kind of like it that way.  Not that I am criticizing anyone who loves the Easter Bunny and chooses to pass on that tradition.  You know what works for you and your kids.  I just want to pass on the tradition I received of not focusing on the Bunny.  I feel like that might make it a little easier to teach my children about Easter as the religious holiday.  You know the one where we celebrate the fact that our Saviour conquered death and rose from the grave to give us the gift of eternal life.  That Easter.

I am just struggling with how to keep that as the focus for toddlers who get way more excited about candy than church.

So, I came up with a plan.  It was helped along by the fact that my kids are obsessed with Veggie Tales and there is a new Easter Veggie Tales out.
Twas the Night Before Easter
Yes, I do see the bunny and the irony is not lost on me.
I decided that rather than fill their baskets full of candy, I would fill them with religious themed items relating to Easter.  I even remembered seeing chocolate crosses (instead of bunnies) last year.  Last year I was obsessed with the Peter Rabbit bunnies because that was my son's nursery theme.  Chocolate crosses would be perfect because then they would still get a little candy.  I'm not an entirely mean mom! ;)

I figured I would give them the Veggie Tales DVD, some books about Easter, (bonus getting to read about Easter) the chocolate crosses and some other little Easter related things.  A plan!

Now, here's the reason I don't like to make plans.  They never seem to work out according to . . . well . . . PLAN!

It doesn't help that both of the Christian bookstores in the city closed awhile back.  Or, that if I ever try to go anywhere new I get hopelessly lost.  Shouldn't be a problem, I thought.  I will find things at the regular stores.  Ha!

I did find the Veggie Tales DVD.  The books were a little more challenging.  There were tons of Easter books.  All about the Bunny.  Ok, there were a few Easter story books that were you know about the Jesus Easter.  I just really didn't want to spend $10 on a tiny 5 page board book.  Sigh.

Then I remembered that the only Bible my kids have is the beat up board book Baby's First Bible I bought for my son when he was baptized.  I meant to buy one for my daughter at her baptism too but never quite got around to it.  *hangs head in shame*  
So, I bought them each a Bible.  (Bible storybook, they are toddlers.)
Then I bought another one for good measure.  Because you can never have too many Bibles.
My First Bible Stories
I couldn't find the chocolate crosses.  I looked everywhere and nothing but bunnies.  I couldn't even find a lamb.  Finally at the third store I found a chocolate Icthus!  (The Christ fish symbol)  Way cool. :)
I was worried that their baskets would be a little bare.  Imagine that.  Not get enough STUFF.  The horror.  I know.  Sigh.
I decided to be practical and fill the baskets with stuff we actually need.  Like sidewalk chalk because we are all out and my kids will play outside for hours drawing on the porch with chalk.  
And school stuff because if they think it's a toy they will want to do schoolwork.  Sneaky I know.  

And crafting stuff because we really should do more crafty stuff.
In the end I think I did a pretty good job.
Ok, moment of weakness.
As far as candy is concerned they will still be overloaded with it.  Because they sooo need the sugar . . . and I really need that temptation.  Their grandmother (MIL) wants to do an egg hunt. At my house.  I totally thought I was going to get away with not cleaning for Easter.

Just in case you are getting all impressed with my planning and being prepared in advance, I'll let you in on a little secret.  See there is one very important item I did not purchase.  Baskets.  Oops.

Ok, actually I didn't purchase baskets because I really didn't want to spend $5 on a piece of junk basket that will be in the way all year despite attempts to re-purpose it as a storage device.  Then it will get knocked around and all crushed and stuff until I decide I have had enough of it and throw it away.  Just in time for the next Easter to roll around basket-less.  This has also been the fate of all the dreaded plastic Easter eggs.

I really thought I would find a basket somewhere around the house I could use.  Or, I could be creative and make one.  In reality I will probably wait until Easter morning (as of yet I have never remembered to actually put out the baskets the night before) then go into a panic because I can't find baskets and I don't want to just use bowls like my dad used to do and then in the end either find an old Halloween bucket or just throw everything in a pile.  They won't know the difference anyway.  Right?

Plus it's not about baskets.  Which is why I didn't buy them!  (You buying it?) ;)

Have a very happy and Blessed Easter!  Bunny or not! :)