Friday, April 8, 2011

The No Housework Hangover

Libbey Vina Martini Glass, Set of 6 You know how after a night of wild drinking you wake up hungover.  At least that's what I've heard.  Not that I have ever experienced that for myself or anything.  I've just heard rumors.

Well this morning I woke up with a hangover.  Not that kind of hangover.  I wasn't consuming large quantities of alcoholic beverages yesterday.  Instead I took the day off from doing any housework.

This morning I awoke in a fog, a haze.  I had some fuzzy recollection of a wild and crazy party the day before.  Was it a dream?  Did it actually happen?  What did I do yesterday?

My struggle to recollect the previous day's events was cut short by the realization that today is Friday.  That meant one important thing.  Trash Day!  This is made especially important by the fact that I forgot trash day on Tuesday and so had copious quantities of garbage to vacate.  I jumped up and started to gather the trash.

Hearing workmen out on the street (jackhammering up some poor neighbors driveway) I was reminded of one of the reasons I forgot to get the trash out on Tuesday.  I was distracted by the sound of a jackhammer.  Then I was further distracted staring out my peephole at a man jackhammering a hole in my driveway.  Pondering if I should go out and ask him if he had the wrong driveway (I assume it's the gas company replacing more gas lines) and why we had no notice said jackhammering would be taking place.  Thankfully the hole was all patched (very badly) up by the time my husband came home from work.  Now we are wondering who we should contact to complain about the really bad patch job.  I mean our driveway is a mess anyway so should we even bother?  Anyway the sound of the workmen made me realize I needed to get dressed into something suitable for public viewing before I could take the trash out.

I started ransacking my clothes and realized something.  No one did laundry yesterday?  It really needed to be done.  I have absolutely nothing suitable for public viewing that is clean.  A few minutes later I was dressed in the best thing I could scrounge up.  A pair of neon pink pajama pants (covered in paint because I have retired them from even pajama wearing status to painting attire status) and my husband's superman returns t-shirt.  Thankfully as I was getting dressed my husband came down from his office/man cave where he is working from home today (probably because he has no clean clothes to wear to work) and took the trash out for me.  Awwww.

I walked out into the living room and it hit me.  What happened to my house?  My head started spinning as I viewed the destruction.  Dirty dishes on the tables, toys strewn across the floor, laundry (nothing I could actually wear) piled high in a chair, chaos abounds.  No one cleaned up this mess yesterday?
Yep, It still looks like this. No, mom-in-law did not stop by. Whew!
I didn't have much time to wonder how things managed to get so out of hand before my children started their whiny chant of MOM I'M HUNGRY with a chorus of ungy ungy ungy.  On into the kitchen where I was met with a rancid stench so foul it made my stomach churn.  Where could this smell be emanating from?  We already took the trash out!  I quickly located it's source.  A sink overflowing with dirty dishes.  No one did dishes yesterday?
The Dreaded Dishes
My head pounding and my stomach churning the foggy haze began to clear.  I had a party yesterday.  A No Housework Party.  I did no housework all day!  Now I have to do it all today!!!!

I think I'm going to be sick.

That my friends is what I like to call the No Housework Hangover.

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