Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Research Before You Buy

As I may have mentioned previously, I love to shop online.  I'll admit going out shopping seems like such a hassle to me.  I would rather avoid the crowds.  It's exhausting.  Shopping from home is so much more convenient.

Plus it has several advantages over shopping in a store.

1. Better inventory.  I don't have to get to the store only to find they are sold out of what I want.  If one store is sold out all it takes is a click of a button to take me to another store.

2. Variety.  I am not limited to what one store has available.  I can browse the entire internet to find a similar product that better meets my specific needs rather than making due with the closest match.

3. Price comparison. I don't have to assume the price at one store is the best I can get.  I can check other stores to see if anyone has the same product for less.

4. Research.  This is my favorite.  Even when I do buy something in a store I try to research it online first.  I find product reviews.  Weigh the pros and cons.  Does this product really do what it says?  Will it work in the way I need it too?  Will it break before I can even use it?

5. I can shop in my pajamas.  Ok, that one is my favorite!

Today I checked out  

At first glance seemed like nothing more your run of the mill product cost comparison shopping site.  You can search and browse through a list of products and find the store with the lowest price.  You can also see similar items and compare those prices too.  I do find this type of site helpful when I am deciding on a purchase.  It is much more convenient to have everything on one page than trying to check every individual site one at a time.  Ok, I thought nice site but really nothing new.  Then I noticed a little button next to the "Shop" button that said "Research."  So I researched.  Now this is something I can use!

"Product Shopping and Research Together"

That's right I can compare costs and research the products all in one handy site.  When I click on research I am given a list of links to actually research the product.  I can view all results or narrow down by product reviews, buying guides, discussion forums, or product details.

There is even a coupon section!

You can research anything and everyting.

Cosco car seats:

Toddler rain boots:

Kitchen pantry shelves

Even more specifically, Whitmor Supreme 5-Tier Shelves

You name it!  I had a ton of fun and might have spent a good bit of time on the kitchen shelves research.  Did I mention I want one?

Do yourself a favor.  Check out  It might just save you some money or even prevent buyers remorse caused by a hasty unresearched impulse buy!

Disclosure: This review was brought to you by your friends at  The compensation I receive for this review in no way influences my opinion of the site.  Everything I have said in this post is my own honest opinion.