Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mama Kisses are Awesome. And the Best. Forever. The End!

Mama & Peanut
Today my son fell down and hurt himself.  It wasn't a big injury.  All he needed was a kiss from his mama to make it all better.  Mama kisses are magical like that.  He came over.  Sat in my arms as I kissed his "owie," dried his tears, and told him he would be ok.  Then I gave him an extra kiss on the head.  Just for good measure.


"What?  Ewwww??  What do you mean ewwww?"

It wasn't a slimy kiss.  My mouth wasn't wet.  I hadn't been eating or drinking anything.  No boogies.  Believe me I have been on the receiving end of plenty of those kisses.  What could possibly be ewwww about my kiss?

I looked my son square in the face and said in a serious tone.

"Mama kisses are always awesome."

"No!"  He giggled.


"No." *giggle*

How can this be?!?!

How can he have reached the age where mama kisses are not always awesome and might be even a little bit . . . ewww?

My sweet, snuggly, lovey, complimentary, best bug buddy, who promised to always be my best bug buddy, even when he's 15!

He isn't even 5 yet!

He can't possibly be old enough to think mama's kisses are anything but the mostest awesomest supreme ever.  Certainly not old enough for, "Ewwww."

My heart broke just a little bit at that moment.

and then . . .

several hours later . . .

as I was writing this post . . .


"Yes, buddy?"

"I was just teasing you about your kisses earlier."

My best bug buddy, forever.