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The Perfect Little Black Dress: eShakti Review

Remember my "too good to be true dress" from eShakti?

I loved that dress so very much.

But then I lost 100 pounds.  And would you believe that my custom fit dress no longer fit perfectly??

I had promised myself a new custom fit dress as a reward for losing the weight.

eShakti must have known my plans because they sent me an email asking if I would like to try out another custom fit dress.  For free!

I clicked that yes button so fast!  Didn't want them changing their minds or anything.

The hardest part of being offered a free custom fit dress is choosing the dress.  eShakti has so many beautiful options.  I just couldn't decide.

So, I narrowed them down.  And narrowed them down some more.  Then I asked my family and took it to Facebook.

The overwhelming advice I got was to get the black sheath dress.

I had mixed feelings about the black dress.

The black dress is the obvious practical choice.  Which, in my mind, I immediately equated with boring.  I usually go for something more colorful.  Because I love color.  Then I end up with a dress I can't wear as many places.

Have I ever told you about my Aunt Anne?  She sends the best cards to my kids.  For Christmas they got Christmas sweater cards that light up.  So cool.

I don't see her as often as I would like but when I do it's usually at a wedding or a funeral.

She always looks so put together.  Every time I see her I think, "I want to be her when I grow up."

It took me many years to realize why she always looked so polished.  Almost every time I see her, guess what she is wearing?

A simple black dress.  And pearls.

That's it.  That's her big secret.  And I never really noticed what she was wearing only that she always looked so nice.

I don't even know if it's the same black dress or various black dresses.

I'll tell you this.  I have never looked at her and thought, "boring."

I decided to take everyone's advice and go with the black.

After I ordered it I started thinking of what I was going to wear it with when it arrived and started getting more and more excited.

Because guess what the great thing is about a little black dress?  It goes with EVERYTHING.

Even color!  All the colors.

I can just pull out any accessories and they will all work with it.

I was also really excited to see how the custom fit would work out now that I have lost so much weight.

Can I tell you how many clothing brands I wore in plus sizes that I can also wear in standard sizes?

That would be none.

Make that one.  eShakti!

It was such a pet peeve of mine when I wore plus sizes.  Why can't I just buy that exact item in a larger size?

With eShakti I can.

And have it custom fit.  I can not recommend that highly enough.

Allow me to explain why.

When I measured myself for the black dress and checked the size chart, my waist corresponded to a size 10 but by my bust measurement corresponded to size 8 and hips to a 6.

That's right.  Babies change your figure.  Even after you lose 100 pounds.

If I was ordering a standard size dress, I would have to choose to fit it to either my waist or my hips or my bust.

I would probably go with the largest size of the three.  Yup, the waist.  And then the dress would just be loose everywhere else.

For basis of comparison.  A sheath dress in a size 10.  You probably wouldn't look at the dress and think it doesn't fit but it looks a bit loose especially when you compare it with my custom fit dress.

Anyone having "What Not to Wear" flashbacks?  Remember their rules about fit?  Because if it doesn't fit properly it isn't doing your figure any favors.

Another option, since the eShakti dress is a Ponte knit and has some stretch, would be to order the smaller size and have the fun stretch wrinkles right across my belly to draw more attention.

Attractive, right?


I can have the dress tailored to fit me correctly everywhere.  Which costs more than $7.50.


I can order the dress from eShakti and have it custom fit for $7.50.

The dress was a sleeveless knee length sheath but I wanted sleeves and a bit longer skirt.  That's my favorite part of the eShakti customization.  I can actually get exactly what I want.  I was also able to add 3/4 length sleeves.  Because, I don't absolutely love my arms.  And it's winter.  And I lengthened the skirt from above the knee to below the knee.  I like my knees covered when I sit.

All that's covered for the same $7.50.

Ready to see the dress?

Please excuse the pictures.  I was trying to take them outside on a sunny day but we haven't had any sunny days.

And my kids were taking most of them for me.  And I didn't see the blue Duplo under the chair until I was editing the pictures.

And just for fun I had to play with different accessories.

By the way, POCKETS!!!

All dresses should have them.  And do you know what else all dresses should have???  Bra strap keeps.  Thank you eShakti!!

I think this look is my personal favorite.

See?  Sitting with knees covered.

I love the dress so much.  It fits absolutely perfectly.  I love the length and sleeve length.  Almost like I designed it myself.  Oh right.  That's because I did!  To top it all off, it is so comfortable.  Exactly the right amount of stretch.

My family loves it almost as much as I do and they are always telling me I should wear it.  Which isn't a problem at all.  I plan to wear it all the time.

*eShakti sent me a dress of my choice to try out for free including customization.  My opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.  I really did love the dress and I really will continue to buy dresses from eShakti.

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