Wednesday, September 17, 2014

5 Favorites - In the Kitchen

I have this idea that I will post something everyday this week and was coming up blank for today until I remembered it was Five Favorites day!  Then I sat down to write and I am still coming up blank.

Which is ridiculous.  I have so many favorites.  All week long I will look at something and say, "I should put this in a Five Favorites post."  Then the time comes and I can't remember a single thing.

And I certainly can't think of a group of things all in one category.

So, I decided to pick a random room of the house and find five things I love.

I went into the kitchen, piled together all my favorite things and soon found myself having to select the top five of all the things I had gathered.  Guess this wasn't so hard after all.

Five Favorite things that make life easier in the kitchen.

1.  Rubbermaid Carafe
I got mine at Target.  When I first saw it, it was $20.  $20 for a pitcher!  So, I did what any sensible person would do.  I bought the large, ugly, clunky looking $5 pitcher instead.  But every time I went back to Target, I would walk sadly past that cool looking Carafe.  It just looked so awesome.  One day I found it on sale and snapped it up.

Here is why I love it.

It holds more than it looks.  It is a 2 quart pitcher.  Which I find is the perfect size.  I put iced tea in it, water to keep cold in the fridge, juice etc.

It fits so well in the fridge.  It can fit in the door compartment or you can put it on the top shelf next to the milk and it doesn't take up half the shelf.  My fridge is kind of small so this is huge for me.

Oh, and if for some reason you want to lay it down on its side somewhere, you can.  Because this thing is leak proof.  And I am talking seriously leak proof.  Like you can turn it upside down and shake it, leak proof.  Which I love for making those frozen juices.  No need to stir with a spoon.  Just put juice and water in the carafe, put the lid on and shake it up.

I love it so much I went back and bought a second one.  And they both take about the same amount of space in my fridge as that one $5 pitcher, which I got rid of, because I never use it.

2.  Minced Garlic in a jar
I'm lazy.  I love garlic.  This stuff stays good forever and I always have garlic available.  No brainer.

3.  Reusable Smoothie Straws
These are larger than those disposable straws which makes them perfect for washing.  Stuff doesn't get all stuck in there.  It also makes them the perfect size for smoothie drinking and we drink a lot of smoothies around here.  Plus, BPA free silicone.  I do love silicone.

4.  Silicone Spatulas
Told you I love silicone.  I picked mine up at Target.  I love Target too.

A very important feature for me is spatulas that are entirely one piece.  Silicone handles.  I don't like the ones that have wooden or plastic handles because I want a smooth easy to clean spatula.

These things will not melt, scratch your pans, get too hot to touch and they are even cute.

5.  Smart Water
Ok, this one might not make life easier in the kitchen but it does make my life easier and better.

I saw this stuff everywhere and never knew what the big deal was until my husband started drinking it.  I seriously thought it was just popular because it came in a bigger bottle.

Here's the deal.  I don't love water.  Not only do I not love water, I actually dislike water.  I do not like the taste of water.  I hate drinking it.  In fact, I have been very bad about never drinking water.  Like never.  I would be hanging out in the house, so thirsty and realize there was nothing to drink in the house.  Because I wouldn't drink water.  I would go all day, thirsty, because I didn't want to drink water.  Terrible, I know.

I started forcing myself to drink water but it was quite a chore.

Then I discovered Smart Water.  It is water with electrolytes.  As in you can get hydrated drinking less of it!  Winning!

I have been drinking basically nothing but water for almost a year now and have somewhat gotten over my distaste for water.  I actually like the taste of Smart Water more than others.

Now go check out some more favorites at Mary's place.
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