Thursday, January 20, 2011

Online Window Shopping. It's Free!

Levolor Q7004212665 Roller Shade I love shopping online!  Now don't get me wrong.  I can spend a generous amount of time shopping in a physical store but my real passion is what I call online window shopping.
What is online window shopping?  I'm glad you asked!  :)  Online window shopping is how I get my shopping fix without actually spending any of the money I don't actually have.

This is how it works.

1. Pick your favorite online store.  For example:  Want to refurnish your entire house?  Have you always dreamed of making your house look like the Pottery Barn catalog pages?  Go to
5PC Newcastle Collection California Cal King Size Bed Complete Bedroom Set

2. Start shopping.  Find your dream bedroom set.  Not just what you would get in reality because in reality no one can afford to buy everything.

3. Don't forget the accessories.  This is key.  Don't leave anything out.  Shop to your hearts content.  No holds barred.  Get those sheets and the throw pillows.  Want a lounge chair?  Get one!  It doesn't even matter if you have enough space for it.  In this fantasy you are creating the bedroom of your dreams.  It can be twice as big as it really is if it needs to!

4. Add everything to your shopping cart.

5. Now go through each room of your house and shop for it.  Again forget reality.  Have you always wanted an extra guest bedroom?  An office?  A craft room?  Shop for it!  Throw it all in the cart!  You get the idea.

Got all that?

Ok.  Now here's the good part . . .

6. Go to your shopping cart.  Look at your total.

Yes, that's right.  This is what I call my fantasy shopping cure.

7. Take a moment to recover from your heart attack and calm the hysterical fit of laughter.

8. Now look at the top right corner of the screen.  See that little x? Click it.  Gone!!  Just like that.  No buyers remorse involved!  Suddenly all your hand-me-down/thrift store/garage sale/discount store furniture isn't looking so bad is it?!

This method works with items other than furniture.  Let your imagination run wild.  Tired of your wardrobe?  Fantasy shop a whole new one.  You might even get some creative juices flowing and think of new ways to use what you already have.  It also helps you to narrow down your real needs vs wants vs really really wants.  Another bonus . . . one day you might find that too good to be true deal and get that item you have been coveting in your fantasy shopping list on clearance.

On those rare occasions when you do snag that too good to be true deal wait before you complete your purchase.  Your deal can get even better.  Let me introduce you to the money saving website,  Ebates !  This incredible website gives you money back on your online purchases.  Almost any website you can think of is included on their list.  Just log on to your Ebates account and choose the website you want to make a purchase at.  Ebates will link you to that site.  When you complete your purchase Ebates will give you a percentage of what you spent back.  They actually send you real checks!!  As in cash money in the bank . . . for buying something you were going to buy anyway.  To top it all off they post coupons so you can save even more on your purchases!!!

Ok, now I know what you are thinking.  Because I thought the same thing when a friend of mine kept talking about her great savings nonstop.  It's way too good to be true.  This is why it took me over a year to even check it out.  Don't make the same mistake I did!!!!  CHECK IT OUT!!!  I kick myself every time I think of all the money I wasted.  I thought I really didn't do enough online shopping (the real kind) to be worth it.  I figured the places I shopped at wouldn't be included.  I thought it was too much of a hassle to sign up.  I . . . was . . . so . . . wrong.  Seriously.  Try it.   .
You're welcome. :)

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