Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stuff I Got: My New Mainstays Shelf

5 Shelf Bookcase, White I recently bought a bookshelf from Walmart for my kid's room and I love it!!

It was $25 for a tall Mainstays 5 shelf bookshelf.  Usually the little 2 or 3 shelf bookshelves cost more than that!  When I bought it I assumed it would be very narrow but I was happily surprised.  It is perfect for the kid's bedroom!  I am putting all their decorative items that I don't want them playing with up on top.  They have a couple of books I want to keep in good condition like a few signed by the author so I will put those on the top shelf.  Then I have baskets and plastic bins to organize their toys in for the rest of the shelves.  I am tempted to buy another one for their room.   I have also gone around the house finding all the places a bookshelf would fit perfectly.  I just need 7 or 8 more so far!  At that price how can I resist?

Now I will admit it isn't the fanciest bookshelf but it is functional and sturdy and best of all cheap!  The shelves are a little thin and wouldn't hold anything too heavy without buckling (like hardcover books) but the kids books and toys are not too heavy for it.  The only thing I didn't love about it was the sad little strap that was included to fasten it to the wall.  I will be buying a bracket since I don't trust the strap not to fray apart.  I bought the white shelf but it comes in 4 different colors.  There is even a great dark wood color, kind of an espresso.  I think I will get two of those for my bedroom.  For some reason I can't find that color on the website but they have it in the store.

Like I said it is a bit plain.  Though with the pretty baskets I think it looks quite nice.  I do think I will buy some pretty wrapping paper and put it inside the back of the shelf to make it pop a little bit.  I wish I had thought to do it before I put the shelf together since it would have been easier than trying to pry the back off.

It may seem a bit silly to get so excited over a shelf but I have been desperately trying to find ways of organizing my children's room on a budget.  That shelf is the perfect solution!

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