What Are the Triangles for Baby’s Room?

Climbing elements in the physical development of the child contribute to the acquisition of various skills. The pikler triangles represent a ladder for a child in the form of an arch of a triangular shape. Usually, it is made of wood, absolutely safe and useful for the small discoverer of the world.

The Advantages of Pikler Triangles

This kind of kids’ furniture was developed by doctor Emmy Pikler as an effective teaching method at an early age. The pikler triangle has many advantages for your baby, such as:

  • The exercises and games with the triangular arch develop gross and fine motor skills, balance, and dexterity.
  • It helps to strengthen the children's muscle corset and develops resilience.
  • Playing with the pikler triangle the child learns to understand his body, feel it in space and develop coordination.
  • A baby starts to learn new movements and postures of his own free will. At the same time, he doesn’t need the help of his parents, since the design of the triangle is completely safe.
  • As a result, the children, who train with pikler triangle fall less. He will not be afraid of active games on the street or in nursery school.

Thanks to the triangular pikler arch children control their movements better and feel more confident.

The Main Characteristics of Pikler Triangles

The arch was originally conceived to be made of wood or plywood; it is the safest and the most eco-friendly material for a baby. Its construction has no sharp corners or dangerous protrusions to injure. Additionally wood makes the air safer than plastic.

The construction is quite stable to support the weight of the child and not roll over. So you can leave your baby with his toy without constant supervision. Using several arches of various sizes and colors, you can create a real playground in the children's room.

The arches can be adjusted depending on the age of the child and his needs. You can change the height and the opening angle creating the different kinds of pikler triangles every day.

These triangles can be combined with any other kind of wood furniture. For example, you can use the two different arches and connect them with the ramp of the same material. Such a combination will help your baby to learn to balance and not be afraid of heights in the future.

Thanks to the triangular arch, your little child will be able to play even if it is raining outside and there is no way to go to the playground outside.