Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Homeschool Curriculum Planning 2014

Ya'll know how much I love the last minute, right?

Nothing motivates me more than the realization that I have literally run out of time.

Here we are.  Time for school to begin again.  My Facebook feed full of pictures of people who have already gone back to school.  The school district here started school on Monday.  Other areas started last week.  Pretty much the entire world is back to school.

But because I like to be contrary and because summer is too short.  "How can summer be over ALREADY??  I don't WANNA go back to school."  I refuse to start school before September.  No matter how hard my kids beg I remain firm in my resolve to wait.  August is my birth month and since there are no recognized holidays during the month, I have declared the entire month a holiday.  Just for me!  I also think it's silly to start school and then take a holiday after only a week or two.  So, I don't start until after Labor Day.  I also end by Memorial Day for the same reason.  It makes it easy to mark the beginning and end of school each year.

Of course, I realized yesterday that I had done exactly zero planning for this year.  I mean I guess I could put it off until Friday, or the weekend, or even early Monday morning for that matter.  It has been known to happen.  But for the sake of a wee bit of "organization" and sanity on my part, I thought I should give myself some idea of what we are doing before we do it.  And maybe a few days for books to be ordered so that maybe they could arrive toward the beginningish of the school year.

Ahem.  BTW if I can do this, anyone can.  Don't tell me YOU are too disorganized to homeschool!!

Yesterday was crisis day.  I spent all day googling and agonizing and researching and changing my mind and changing it again.  When my husband called to check in, I was in the depths of despair.  For some reason, waiting till the last minute ends up feeling stressful and rushed.  What's up with that?

I always get sucked into whatever the "latest greatest" trend is in the homeschooling universe.  Whatever program it is that "everyone" swears by, must be great.  Especially if it costs hundreds of dollars.  For one subject.  Which is way over my budget for all subjects.  But clearly it will be better than the one we are using, which works and we like, but we will obviously love the other one more and it will make my children automagically geniuses with absolutely no effort on my part!!!  So says the internets!

After an entire day of that, I think I have finally decided for absolute really and truly, surely, kinda what we will use this year.  

P.S.  It's pretty much exactly the same things we used last year.  Because when it works, why mess with it??

The Princess is in Kindergarten and the Peanut is in 2nd this year.
Many of our curriculum choices have been inspired by Angelicum Academy.  We started out using their program and have since branched off a bit but as my kids get older I plan on going back to Angelicum Academy for at least some of the subjects.  I really love their great books program.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Old Fashioned - TT

Theme Thursday is back!  And not a moment too soon.

True story.

Here I was hanging out on my computer willing a blog post to just write itself and I could not come up with a single thing to write.  Actually I have been writing something all week but it's just turning into a big old mess (big surprise) so I decided to step away from that one for a bit.

Then I thought I would check Facebook for some inspiration.  Which of course really means get sucked into the social media vortex and never emerge.

Instead, literally (for real) the first thing I saw was a post from Cari announcing the return of Theme Thursday thanks to a hijacking from Madeline at A Dash of Snark.  For which I am eternally grateful!

The theme this week is Old Fashioned.  The theme could not be more perfect.

Yesterday, I had the random impulse to sew something.

Now, in my usual lazy manner, I didn't want anything too difficult.  Just a quick little sewing project.  No real planning, no purchasing any supplies or materials, and most definitely no pattern.

Then I saw a tattered old pillowcase I had thrown into my fabric stash.  I really like the fabric on the pillowcase but it had come apart at the seams.  Literally.  (For real again.)

So, I cleaned off my sewing table.
And by cleaned off, I obviously mean moved the pile of stuff off the sewing table and onto the dining table.
Set up my sewing machine and decided the machine needed a better cover than the plastic one it came with.  What would be cuter than a cover made from an "Old Fashioned" pillowcase??
That plastic cover totally clashes with the "old fashioned" sewing table hand me down and the "old fashioned" crystal lamp from my husband's grandmother.
I cut the pillowcase in half to fit the machine.  All it really needs is a hem.  But that's not a lot of fun.
Much better.

I looked at what was left of the pillowcase.  Just enough for a little skirt for the princess.

Lazy style.

Here is my detailed tutorial.  I am using super technical sewing terms here and didn't bother taking any pictures so try to follow along.

Friday, June 6, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

No really, share your secret.  Cause I haven't got a clue.

In the spirit of participating in link-ups I have no business being a part of, (Photography, Fashion) I thought I would jump on the Gardening link-up over at Cari's place.

I have absolutely no ability to make anything grow (other than children) or keep anything alive (other than children, pets and, with your help, one tree) but I do have some kind of obsessive need to kill tiny plants.  It's sick really.  I probably need Gardening therapy or something.

I blame Pinterest.  It fills my head with these ideas of gardening as some kind of grand educational experiment, curb appeal and living off the land.  Sounds great right?

The only plants I can manage to successfully grow are the things I don't even know about.

Check out these Blackberries I discovered growing in our backyard.  
And the enormous mushroom village on this stump.

Here is my garden so far.
I pretty much planted a bunch of varieties of seeds in little pots to see what takes.  Not sure what I will do with them if they should decide to pop up.  Probably give them the exact right amount of water and sun to kill them.  I have a talent for that.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This week we have a visitor at our house.

My darling daughter has gone to a birthday party that may last anywhere from 9 days to 20 days.  She really isn't sure.  

It's her friend "Flowery's" party.  

Unfortunately Flowery is allergic to all the foods being served at her own party so she is going to stay at our house.  It is a little concerning that Flowery's parents would be so thoughtless to serve foods their daughter is allergic to at her own party.  Now those same people are responsible for my daughter for "9 or 20 days."

This is Flowery.
The Princess and Flowery
Not that one.  The one in the reflection.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On a Happier Note

The kids decided on Friday morning that they were just ready to be done with schoolwork once and for all so they powered through the last several pages.

That's right.

"School's out for summer.  School's out forever."

Oh not forever?

Ok, summer at least.

Yes, we do summer.  People ask me all the time if we keep doing school all year or if we take summer off.

Here's the thing.  The kids would probably be ok with doing school year round.  They would probably forget less things.  If I could get my act together and be more organized then we would probably benefit from more frequent scheduled breaks.

But because I am not that organized, we just take breaks as needed.

And I take summer off.  Mostly.

Because I need the break!

We will probably do a little summer reading stuff and maybe sprinkle a little science and history in.  You know, the fun stuff.

The Princess has already been asking me when we will be getting her new Phonics and Math book.  She complains about having to do them and a few days after she finishes everything she is ready to get started on next years work!

And now, because it's totally the thing now to take beginning and end of school year pics, I will share ours with you.

First Day of School
Last-ish Day of School

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